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We Are My travel group is the major establishment in the horizon of job placement and tour agency, started in 1990 and serving 30 years of trust. We are providing temporary and permanent placement, across various companies for the job seekers. We are hiring skilled and non-skilled peoples for the educated and general job class category required by different employers and home owners.
Not only we do recruiting, we bring skills evaluation, screening and

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We had a spectacular trip and everything went very smooth. Flights were on time plus or minus 15 minutes and we got to where we needed to be each flight. I thank your staff for putting together the itinerary. I wouldn’t want to tackle trying to coordinate all these flights on my own. Thanks again for a job well done.

Dr. Nadirshah

Booking through you was very easy and made our lives so much easier. I have nothing bad to say! Thank you for giving us tips and guidance before we left on what to bring and such, that was very helpful! Thanks again.

John Borthwick


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