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There are several types of Work Visas available. If you wish to apply for a work visa for another country, it is mandatory to have first obtained employment there. In other words, to be able to work abroad an applicant must hold an employment letter from the Employer from the host country. You cannot take up employment on a tourist or business visa. Work Visas allow you to live and work in another country for a particular period of time. Working temporarily can also be used as a step towards gaining residence and settling there permanently. How to get a Work Visa? What requirements are needed in order to apply? How long can you stay under this visa? Not everyone is eligible for a Work visa. The Government maintains a number of different visa classifications. Based on the type of work visa, make sure you take note of all requirements you need to fulfill in order to get your visa approved. With over 40 years of experience, My Travel group has been helping thousands of people each year to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. Our Visa Experts understand the immigration laws and are thorough with the visa processes for all countries. 

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Work visa types

Temporary Work Visa

Only a few years are allowed for the use of this form of work visa; after that time, you must either renew it or return home, depending on the country. If you find a new employment, several nations might also let you switch to a permanent work visa.

Permanent Work Visa

With a permanent work visa, you can stay in another country permanently and, after a certain amount of time, even seek for citizenship.